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Changeable Hoop Earrings with 10 Pairs of Charms

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Changeable Hoop Earrings with 10 Pairs of Crystals and Pearls, Everyday Earrings, Interchangeable Earrings, Sterling Silver or Gold Hoop Earrings

These earrings are a must have! Ten pairs of earrings in one! Interchangeable earrings

Perfect everyday earrings to make sure you match every outfit you own. Just slide the crystals/pearls on and off the hoops for an easy, quick change.

Your choice of sterling silver, rose gold filled or 14K gold filled hoops comes with a set of 10 pairs of crystals and pearls. Hoops are 12mm in diameter. Crystals silver/gold plated and are 6mm in diameter and pearls are approximately 5mm.

These are the colors you will receive:

1) Amethyst (purple)
2) Sapphire (blue)
3) Aqua
4) Clear
5) Emerald (green)
6) Blue Zircon (teal)
7) Garnet (dark red)
8) Peridot (light green)
9) Rose (pink)
10) White pearl


All of my jewelry is shipped gift wrapped with jewelry care instructions and pro polish pad just perfect for gift giving.

Have a lovely day! Thank you for looking at my Etsy shop.

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