Jewelry Care & Metals

Each piece of jewelry is entire hand crafted, hand stamped, hand polished and put together by me.  I use sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze, freshwater pearls, and crystals in my creations.  Each letter is stamped out, one by one, by hand.  No two pieces will ever be the same so each piece will be unique.  Letters will not be perfectly straight or evening spaced.  This is considered a charming quality of hand stamped jewelry, not a defect.  If you want something perfect, this jewelry is not for you.
How to care for your jewelry

*Remove your jewelry when cleaning, swimming and taking a shower. Do not expose your jewelry to any product that contains bleach, ammonia, alcohol, fingernail polish removers that contain acetone, and turpentine (perfumes, lotions).  Keep your jewelry as dry as possible.

*Due to many factors, sterling silver will tarnish over time.  This is a natural occurring process.  To clean, use a professional silver cleaning cloth or a Pro Polish Pad.  Gently rub lengthwise.  Do not immerse in a silver dip cleaner.  It will take the black etching off your discs.

*If you purchased copper or brass pieces, they will tarnish quicker than silver.  Due to the oils in our bodies and other external factors (lotions, perfumes), the process will vary.   Use the Pro Polish Pad I have included in your packet to clean and polish items.  I have found that these are the best pads to use, as they will polish all metals.  Silver polishing clothes will not work on copper or brass.

*To keep pieces from oxidizing in your jewelry box, seal them in an air tight zip lock bag.  You can put a silica gel packet inside the bag with your jewelry (the kind that comes in a shoe box or purse) or anti tarnish paper to keep the moisture out.

A Special Note about Copper and Brass

Copper and brass are beautiful and colorful but there are things you need to know about these metals. They will darken over time and have to be polished. You can use copper and brass polish or a Pro Polish Pad, which polishes all metals. I include a sample Pro Polish Pad with your purchase.

How to Use Pro Polish Pads

Pro Polish Pads are a great to shine and polish all metals.  These pre-treated one-inch squares will also remove tarnish on your charms and pendants.   An excellent size for hand-polishing, Pro Polish pads are tight-bond cellular foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives. Their convenient size makes them easy to use.  If the black etching looks faded and you would like to refresh it, use a black Sharpie to add the black back into the letters, then use a Pro Polish Pad to eliminate the extra Sharpie and put a beautiful shine back into your pendant.  You can also polish your chain with the Pro Polish Pad to restore its shine.  You can use the pad until it is dark grey on both sides and then it is time to toss it and use a new one.  Make sure the piece you are polishing is completely dry.  If you get these pads wet, they get gooey.