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August Birthstone Necklace

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August Birthstone Necklace, August Peridot Jewelry, August Birthday Gift, August Birthstone Jewelry, Peridot Necklace, Sterling Silver

Lovely August Birthstone Peridot Necklace. Peridot is the light yellow-green birthstone of August and it is one of my favorite of the gemstones. Like diamonds, these gems are formed deep inside the mantle of the Earth. They are brought to the surface through tectonic and volcanic activity. In Hawaiian mythology, the gemstone is considered the “tears” of the fire goddess Pele. It brings strength and protection to the wearer.

A rustic, sterling silver twig ring, surrounds a beautiful peridot colored crystals set in sterling silver. Simple and elegant, perfect gift for an August birthday.

Comes in 2 sizes (small) 14mm and (large) 20mm.

Available in all birthstones. Check out my shop for all months


• Garnet (January)
• Amethyst (February)
• Aquamarine (March)
• Diamond (April)
• Emerald (May)
• Alexandrite (June)
• Ruby (July)
• Peridot (August)
• Saphire (September)
• Pink Tourmaline (October)
• Citrine (November)
• Blue Topaz (December)