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Script Letter and Birthstone Necklace

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April Birthstone Necklace, Clear Quartz Jewelry, April Birthday Gift, April Birthstone Jewelry, April Diamond Necklace, Sterling Silver

Lovely April Birthstone Diamond Colored Crystal Necklace. April's birthstone is the diamond. Being the hardest natural substance on earth, diamonds are unique gemstones to give for their meaning of endurance + strength. During the Middle Ages, this stone was used to heal ailments. The purity of the diamond was believed to draw out the toxins from within the body.

A sterling silver script initial charm hangs with a sterling silver small birthstone. Simple and elegant, perfect gift for an April birthday.

Available in all birthstones.


• Garnet (January)
• Amethyst (February)
• Aquamarine (March)
• Diamond (April)
• Emerald (May)
• Alexandrite (June)
• Ruby (July)
• Peridot (August)
• Saphire (September)
• Pink Tourmaline (October)
• Citrine (November)
• Blue Topaz (December)

All of my jewelry is shipped gift wrapped with jewelry care instructions and pro polish pad just perfect for gift giving.