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How do I know my order went through?

I will send you an automated message confirming your order upon completion of payment, and another one with tracking information once shipped. Read them to confirm the details of your order. I will only contact you if there are issues with personalization or shipping requests.  If you placed an order and didn't receive a confirmation, please let me know ASAP.


Copper and brass are beautiful and colorful but there are things you need to know about these metals. They will darken over time and have to be polished. You can use copper and brass polish or a Pro Polish Pad which will polish all metals. I include a sample Pro Polish Pad with your purchase. You can buy more of them in the Add Ons section of my store. Twinkle copper and brass polish also works well on these metals.

Does sterling silver tarnish?

Due to many factors, sterling silver will tarnish over time. This is a natural occurring process. To clean, use a professional silver cleaning cloth or a Pro Polish Pad. Gently rub lengthwise. Do not immerse in a silver dip cleaner. It will take the black etching off your discs.

How do I keep sterling silver from oxidizing when I am not wearing it?

To keep pieces from oxidizing in your jewelry box , seal them in an air tight zip lock bag. You can put a silica gel packet inside the bag with your jewelry (the kind that comes in a shoe box or purse) or anti tarnish paper to keep the moisture out.

Are shipping fees refundable on returns?

No, if you return your non-personalized or custom order, shipping fees are non refundable.

Who pays for customs fees and import taxes?

The customer is responsible for all customs fees and import taxes that are incurred during delivery. UK has especially high customs fees. If you read this after you purchase, please notify me ASAP and you can cancel your order.

How do I know what size expandable bangle I need?

The stainless steel bangles come in 3 sizes, silver plated and sterling silver come in (2 sizes) and the copper, gold, brass, and rose gold come in 1 standard size. The child size bangles are 7" at the smallest point and 8" when fully expanded. If you fold your thumb into your palm and the measurement where the base of your thumb is, is 8" then you can fit that size. Medium or standard size bangles are 8" at the smallest point, and 9" when fully expanded. The large size bangles are 9-1/2" at the smallest point and 11" when fully expanded.