How to Open a Jump Ring!

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Hey Friends! This #tiptuesday we are showing you how to open a jump ring! This is useful for when a jump ring needs to be secured or you are adding charms to a piece. Read below for a step by step and check out our video!

Click HERE to Watch: How to Open a Jump Ring!

To open a jump ring is to twist the wire until the required opening is achieved.

1.) It is best to use two pairs of flat nose pliers. These will allow for a firm grasp of the jump ring and will prevent slipping or marring (distortion or marking of the metal).

How to Open a Jump Ring

2.) Grasp the jump ring on opposite sides using the flat nose pliers. While continuing to grasp the jump ring firmly in one hand, pick up your second pair of pliers with the other hand and grasp the other side of the jump ring.

How to Hold a Jump Ring

3.) Use a “twisting” motion only to open the jump ring. Basically, one hand should rotate towards you and the other will rotate away from you. It may take a little practice and feel strange at first but after 100 jumps you’ll be a pro! LOL

How to Open a Jump Ring

4.) You should now have the jump ring open. To close it, use the same steps as above. You may have to work around any item you have now added to the jump ring but the same technique applies.

5.) *Remember* Do not pull it open. This does several very bad things: weakens and distorts the metal, creates an unappealing rump ring shape and makes it impossible to close the jump ring correctly.

If you have any questions, message us or head to our blog for more resources on the care of your jewelry pieces!

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