New Christmas Ornaments!

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At Tracy Tayan Designs, we LOVE Christmas. That’s why we are introducing many new personalized ornaments to start a tradition for everyone on your list. Gift as a stocking stuffer or an add as an embellishment to your gifts, these ornaments are a unique, sentimental keepsake that they will cherish for years to come.

Find these new designs on Etsy + get your order in early!


Family Ornaments

Happy Holidays Snow globe Ornament

Unique personalized snow globe Christmas Ornament for host gift.


Oh! Christmas Tree Ornament

Hand stamped Christmas tree ornament with family name.


Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Personalized family ornament with hand stamped names.


Memorial Angel Wing Ornament

Personalized in memory christmas ornament.



Baby’s 1st Christmas Stats Ornament

Personalized baby stats christmas ornament.


Couples Ornaments

Holly Jolly Ornament

A traditional shaped pewter ornament personalized with couples name and year.


Our 1st Christmas Ornament

Personalized Our First Christmas Ornament personalized with couples names.


Let the Adventures Begin Van Ornament

Personalized old school Volkswagen van engraved with couples name.


Our First Christmas Heart Ornament

Personalized heart ornament with our first christmas and names.


Wedding Cake Ornament

Personalized wedding cake ornament with couples wedding date and names.

Name Ornaments

Name Heart Ornament

Unique personalized heart christmas ornament with child's name.


Holly Leaf Ornament

Personalized Holly leaf Christmas ornament


Foxy Christmas Ornament

Unique fox ornament personalized with name and year.


Rustic Snowman Ornament

Unique rustic snowman christmas ornament personalized with name.


Aloha + Christmas Pineapple Ornament

Unique personalized pineapple ornament personalized with name.


Skinny Christmas Tree Ornament

Personalized Christmas Tree ornament with name.





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