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Unique hand stamped basketball number personalized necklace jewelry.

This month we are featuring our popular Sports and Hobby Collection with a fresh update! Shown here are just a few of our many sports and hobby charms. Be sure to check out our Etsy shop for the most updated jewelry designs. These necklaces are popular for team jewelry gifts, senior gifts, graduation gifts, birthdays, and Christmas!


Coach Initial Necklace

Personalize this Coach necklace with their initial + birthstone. A great gift for awesome coaches!

Unique hand stamped jewelry for coaches, teachers.


Soccer Name Tag Necklace

Personalize the name tag and add your athlete’s birthstone to this awesome i heart soccer necklace. A great graduation gift!

Unique hand stamped soccer necklace for girl soccer players.


I Heart Softball Necklace

This minimalist initial + birthstone necklace with an adorable softball bat + ball charm will make a great senior gift!

Minimalist softball sports necklace for girl softball players.


I Love Field Hockey Necklace with Initial + Birthstone

Get your favorite field hockey player a gift they will love! Personalize this necklace with their initial + birthstone.

Hand stamped i heart field hockey necklace with field hockey stick charm, birthstone, and initial.


Minimalist Number + Birthstone Lacrosse Necklace

Personalize with their jersey number + birthstone to make this minimalist lacrosse necklace a unique gift they’ll love. Great gift idea for senior team gifts!

Minimalist lacrosse stick charm necklace with jersey number and birthstone.


Live Love Volleyball Necklace with Initial + Birthstone

This volleyball washer necklace hand stamped with Live Love Volleyball is an awesome gift idea for her!

Hand stamped live love volleyball necklace for your favorite player.


Gymnastics Initial + Birthstone Necklace

Choose from your favorite and most challenging gymnastics positions to personalize this gymnast necklace. Perfect for these unique athletes!

Hand stamped initial gymnastics gymnast necklace gift.


The Dancer Necklace

Our popular Ballet Shoe necklace has been updated! Now choose your favorite dancer from the hula dancing girl, ballet dancer, ballet shoe, tap shoes, or Irish dancer and personalize with an initial and birthstone. Great for seniors, graduations, birthdays, or just because.

Unique and minimalist dancer necklace for many kinds of dancing and dancers.


I Love Art Necklace

Personalize this I Heart Art necklace with a name tag and birthstone. Finished with an awesome artist painter’s palette. A unique gift for seniors!

Hand stamped I love Art disc with Name tag, birthstone, and art palette charm.

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