Summer Jewelry Care: How to keep your jewelry looking fresh this season!

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We CANNOT wait for beach days, hiking adventures, road trips, and all the wonderful things you can do in summer. With warm weather activities comes more ways your jewelry can become dull + lackluster. Due to many factors, different metals will tarnish over time. This is a naturally occurring process. Sunscreen, water, and sweat are known to dull or tarnish metals. You can slow this process down with regular jewelry cleaning, care, and storage. As you start your favorite summer activities, be aware of the ways to protect your beloved jewelry pieces from harsh summer elements. 

Here are 4 ways you can protect your jewelry during the summer months:


Avoid wearing jewelry while cleaning, swimming, or taking a shower. Chlorine or salt water can damage and discolor metals. These harsh chemicals can also slowly erode the finish and polish of your pieces.

summer jewelry care#2

Sunscreens, sun tan lotions or oils, and many other products we use during the summer cause harsh chemical residue buildup, making jewelry appear dull + dingy. Avoid applying sunscreen, oils, and lotions with your jewelry on.

summer jewelry care


Clean your jewelry regularly using a soft cloth and/or gentle jewelry cleaner. 

pro polish pads

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What tarnished and polished sterling silver looks like.



While traveling, store your jewelry in soft cloth or small plastic bags to prevent scratching and tangling. Make sure jewelry is clean + dry when storing. **Also check out our last blog post on storing your jewelry to keep your pieces looking bright + shiny when they are not worn. Click here for the full post!**

Storing your metal jewelry in ziplock air tight plastic bags with anti-tarnish paper.

Stay tuned for other jewelry care tips!


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