How to Store Your Jewelry

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A guide on jewelry organizing + storage

An *important tip* to bring to your jewelry cases on how to store your jewelry pieces! When left out, many metals turn dark or black. One way to help prevent this is to store your jewelry in air tight zip lock plastic bags. Store in the bag along with anti-tarnish papers, which you can purchase online or silica gel packets that come in many of our products.

How to guide on storing your sterling silver jewelry.


To keep pieces from oxidizing(turning dark/black) in your jewelry box, seal them in an air tight zip lock bag. Polish your pieces throughly before storage.

Storing your metal jewelry in ziplock air tight plastic bags with anti-tarnish paper.


Put a silica gel packet inside the bag with your jewelry (the kind that comes in a shoe box or purse) or anti-tarnish paper to keep the moisture out. Anti-tarnish paper can be bought at the grocery store; it is the same paper used for silverware, you can just cut it up! Even easier, anti-tarnish paper can be bought on Amazon. All options work and are shown below.

Anti-tarnish papers and silica gel packets are used for jewelry storage.


Shown here is how sterling silver will tarnish when left out over time. Silver can either turn black or turn yellow/dark. Color will depend on when the piece was last cleaned + if there were any lotion or soap residue left on it.

What tarnished and polished sterling silver looks like.

Storing your jewelry in air-tight, clear plastic bags not only helps the jewelry from tarnishing as quickly but it is also great for easy organization. Here is an example of the ziplock bag organization in my jewelry case.

Storing your jewelry in air tight plastic bags for max organization.

Be sure to check back often for more jewelry care + organization tips!

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